SideraWorks Helps You Collaborate Better.

Supercharge Your Collaboration

Thriving today means adapting your work practices to help everyone think differently, share knowledge, and solve business problems through collaboration. We can help equip you and your teams for today’s reality.

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Context and Experience

SideraWorks understands how to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and we can design customized, realistic models and programs that will help your business work across disciplines and communicate with less friction.

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People First

The foundation of successful collaboration is in the hearts and minds of individuals. We understand the dynamics of culture and communication in a collaborative era. And education and understanding is at the core of our work.

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Is Your Collaboration Software Working For You?

We have a proven framework to make that happen. 


Our Work In Practice

What Is This Social Business Thing?

What Is This Social Business Thing?

Your teams aren’t sure. Your leadership isn’t sure. How do you get everyone up to speed on the new era of business?

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We Bought It, No One Is Using It

We Bought It, No One Is Using It

You’ve invested a small fortune in software that’s supposed to help you collaborate. But no one’s biting. How do you engage your teams?

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Engaging a Changing Workforce

Engaging a Changing Workforce

With maturing management and an incoming workforce, how do you unite changing expectations and needs and get everyone to work together?

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Reorganization and Its Culture Impact

Reorganization and Its Culture Impact

With reorganization comes inevitable confusion and insecurity. How do you address that and maintain a collaborative environment?

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7 Key Principles of Collaborative Businesses

1. Cultural Insight

Progressive companies have a great deal of self-awareness. They know that their culture is key to collaborative success. So they invest in understanding it today, and drawing a roadmap for where they’d like to go tomorrow.


4. Commitment to Innovation

What worked yesterday is likely not going to work forever. Collaborative organizations believe that continuous innovation of business models as well as products is not just critical to achieving goals, but to inspiring and creating an environment that people want to be part of.


7. Workforce Engagement

An entire generation of workers is stepping into key leadership positions for the first time. And “Millennials” are emerging hungry and ready to make an impact on the world through their work. Thriving organizations are committed to making collaboration work across a very diverse organizational DNA.


2. Social Awareness

Social media is commonly understood in the context of communication, mostly external. Today’s most successful organizations embrace not just marketing opportunity, but the breadth and depth of the impact that the social web has on the entire organization.


5. Investment In Adoption

The “do more with less” theme in businesses ensures that any new social platform or collaboration software won’t just succeed automatically. People need to understand the benefits of new workflows not just to the business, but to their work. The most successful technology initiatives put people first.



3. Emphasis on Empowerment

Collaborative companies are deeply invested in the idea that better work and better results can be achieved through collective effort as well as mutual outcomes. Which means that people need to be empowered to collaborate, both intellectually and with appropriate resources.


6. Responsive Communication

Communication has changed. The media are new and they’re driving new behaviors and even language evolution. Modern, nimble companies seek to reduce friction in internal communication, value the sharing of knowledge and information, and believe in emotionally intelligent discussion and continuous, open feedback.


Meet The Leadership

SideraWorks is a boutique consultancy, which means we’re small, and we intend to stay that way. Learn more about our fearless leaders, their experience, and why they’ve got the right perspective to help you improve your collaboration.



  • Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late.

    Seth Godin
  • To reap the full benefit of social technologies, organizations must transform their structures, processes, and cultures.

    McKinsey Global Institute
  • Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

    Simon Sinek
  • It's the sustained ability to change that really counts.

    Jeffrey Immelt
  • The only things that evolve by themselves in an organization are disorder, friction and malperformance.

    Peter Drucker
  • Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.

    Greg HarrisQuantum Workplace