About Us

About SideraWorks - Organizational Culture and Social Business

SideraWorks is a collaboration and social business consulting firm.

We do professional development programs for collaborators, educate businesses on collaboration through workshops and seminars, and consult on collaboration programs and strategies including better adoption of collaboration platforms.

More than that, we’re developing the businesses that will thrive in a more open, connected world.

Our work with companies has emphasized that in order for a business to find success externally, they have to invest internally first.

A strong culture of collaboration and fluid communication creates organizations that are resilient, innovative, responsive, ready to embrace a changing workforce, and able to not just survive in the future, but thrive.

We’ve spent the last several years immersed in connected companies, and building the frameworks and programs that can create new ways of thinking about and solving business challenges through collaboration.

SideraWorks is a boutique firm working with a selective roster of clients. We’re a small, hands-on firm, and we intend to stay that way.

Our leadership team has broad business experience, from marketing to communication, technology to operations, customer service to social business strategy, even nonprofit management.  We’ve worked with small, entrepreneurial organizations all the way up to Fortune 50 companies.

All of our work is designed to put people first. Because getting the human element right in business is more than just a boardroom mantra. It’s mission-critical.

Our programs are also based on the individualized needs of the companies we work with, not just generic maturity models. We’re not afraid of the hard work, and if we don’t have an answer to a problem, we’ll roll up our sleeves and find one.

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