Business Development and Client Manager


Wanted: Business Development/Client Manager

SideraWorks is looking for just the right person to help us expand our business development efforts and work with our fantastic clients.

Who You Are

You are someone who has read all the important books on selling. VITO, 25 Habits, Winning Friends, you name it. At the end of each one you found a couple of potentially useful things but found it a bit ridiculous that this stuff was treated like dogma. To you it’s really just about an organic understanding of people and how to connect with them. You don’t realize how rare a gift it is to have that level of understanding. Then you congratulate yourself on using a word like dogma and make a mental note to try and do so more often.

You’ve always struggled under leadership that expected you to sell people stuff they don’t need, and you don’t buy into the notion that a company’s ethics should change dependent upon whether you’re hitting your quarterly numbers or not.

You take your work extremely seriously, but yourself not so much.

You desire to be a trusted guide for your clients, someone who connects the dots between a need and a solution. Speaking of solutions, you know the difference between a consultative solution sale and product sales and you thrive in the former.

You understand how to ensure that in our socially connected world that you are rarely making a ‘cold call’.

You have intuitive judgment when it comes to knowing when to put down the communication tools and make the investment for a face-to-face. In our business that often means hopping on a plane, so ideally you’re not afraid of heights, enclosed spaces, or overly thorough TSA patdowns.

You know how to work a funnel (hint: you pour in the big end and stuff comes out the small end) and you’re comfortable with the stages from lead-gen to close.

You’re a self-starter and don’t need your hand held unless looking for emotional comfort from your significant other. That self-starter mentality serves you well when you’re working out of your own home.

You want to work somewhere where you don’t have to be embarrassed because you are promising a client gold but what they end up getting is bronze.

You have a personality. (Perhaps that bar is too low, let us rephrase, you have a *good* personality.)

You realize that because you read this far and this closely that you’re already ahead of those 42 who didn’t. They just blindly sent in their resume without any of the requisite requirements or qualities. Don’t worry though, we submitted their email address to 50 of our favorite newsletter mailing lists.

You’re the type of person who will have no issues finding quality, respected people to step up and praise your name to us.

You’re the person who is sitting there thinking “What about territory planning, my history of hitting targets, an understanding of the service offerings, dealing with SOW and RFP’s?”. But then you’re thinking “Oh, they probably assume that’s the mashed potatoes everyone must have so they’re focused on the gravy”. And then you’re thinking “Man, it’s weird that I just thought about mashed potatoes. Now I’m hungry”.

You don’t hide behind words like “paradigm shifting” and “actualization” and you prefer to provide clarity to your clients.

You noticed that we didn’t really provide a ‘level’ to the title. You wonder if this is a current or future leadership role, a ground floor opportunity, what? Your hope is that what we are really looking for is the right ‘person’, and that we believe we can take advantage of a senior person if they fit that profile or that we’re also willing to commit to grooming and mentoring someone into that leadership role if they aren’t quite there yet.

You really, really, want to work with us and are about to write us a creative email that explains why we really, really, want to work with you. You know that regardless of what that old man in the hood said, we *are* the droids you’re looking for.

Who We Are

We were presumptuous enough to try and tell you who you are, so that’s our first quality. Presumptuous. Granted, we’re not starting off on the best foot here, but at least we’re not all of those other P-ous words like preposterous, perilous, or pompous (those are the only other P-ous words right?).

So let’s see, if you’re a little shady we’re going to make your life difficult because we put our reputations and ethics above all else. Closing a deal ‘at any cost’ really isn’t in our nature. We’d much prefer to point a prospect to what they really need even if that’s not from us than to sell them something that they don’t need.

(Wait, crap, can we go back for a second? Just remembered precocious, and precious. We are those things. That sounds a bit like a 2 yr old petting a puppy but don’t worry, we’ll get to some really businessy words soon I imagine.)

Sorry, where were we? Did we mention the attention deficit issue?

We believe in supporting our people, we believe in helping them to grow, and where business development is concerned we’re always there to help with closing.

We’re like your family, assuming your family has no issues telling you to get off your ass when you’re slacking.

We’re a startup, which on the plus side means that you can contribute at a lot of levels and work directly with the leadership. On the downside it means you have to contribute at a lot of levels and work directly with the leadership. It also means a lot of opportunity. We make a real difference to our clients’ organizations, one that will last a very long time. We think that is incredibly exciting and a huge responsibility.

We tend to view things through a long-term lens, we hope you do too. To that end, we have zero desire to work with people who may be very good at what they do but who are a pain in the ass. We don’t really care how successful you’ve been if the result has been a history of arrogance and personnel clashes. Quirky? Unique? Sarcastic? Goofy? That we can work with.

We love what we do. It’s hard, it’s complex and nuanced work, and we have incredibly high standards that can be tough to meet. We think that that’s the way it should be, but we also believe that means we should make it as much fun as we can where possible.

We believe that you can walk that line between a business that is professional and serious and yet still retain the personalities that the company was founded with.

We’re not promiscuous, and certainly not pernicious or predaceous. We can however be a bit ponderous when overusing a bad joke.

Sound like a potential fit for you?

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