Social Business Strategist


Wanted: Social Business Strategist

First, the good news. We’re not going to box you into some explicit set of minute criteria that we use to pre-qualify you. Huzzah!

The bad other news, our standards are exceedingly high. As much as we enjoy poring over a stack of resumes on our Sundays we just don’t have that kind of time (otherwise we wouldn’t need to be hiring anyone would we?).

To that end, we’d like you to include a reference from someone who also understands Social Business and knows you, your personality, and your capabilities. The way we figure it, if you can’t pull that off then there’s a 97.4% chance you’re not the right candidate (If you include a Klout score there’s a 100% chance).

Who You Are

You’re insatiably curious.

You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it people like you.

You project authority like a highway patrolman, without the arrogance. Badge optional.

You’re confident, but can leave your ego at the door.

You can agree to disagree and still function like an adult if you don’t get your way.

You have a sense of humor (otherwise you are finding this description pretty confusing right about now).

You understand the difference between consulting and facilitation and are comfortable with both.

You can guide a room of executives that hold disparate views to actionable conclusions with minimal conflict.

You avoid words like ‘actionable’, ‘disparate’, and ‘minute criteria’.

You believe the term ‘intellectual’ to be a positive thing and not the stereotypical tweed-n-patch jackets standing around ruminating without action.

You realize that because you read this far and this closely that you’re already ahead of those 42 who didn’t. They just blindly sent in their resume without any of the requisite requirements or qualities. Don’t worry though, we submitted their email address to 50 of our favorite newsletter mailing lists.

Perhaps most importantly, you’re a communicator, and translating between the languages of business, technology, and culture are second nature.

You understand social business, what it is, and what it isn’t. Words like ‘change management’ and ‘culture’ produce small amounts of drool in the corner of your mouth. Words like ‘twitter campaign’ produce something a bit more vile.

You speak from a position of experience, not academic theory, so it’s likely that you’ve had quite a bit of exposure to the inner workings of business, not just social.

About The Gig

You’ll be working with us to consult with businesses on social business strategy and conduct educational labs and workshops around same.

Travel is likely at least once or twice per month.

Location is pretty open within the 48 contiguous US states.

You’ll be held to results, not punching a time clock. But make no mistake, the expectation level is high and excuses tend to be non-existant. Both the clients and your cohorts are experienced and intelligent, be prepared to hold your own.

Who We Are

We believe in supporting our people, we believe in helping them to grow and we believe we have as much to learn from them as they do us.

We’re like your family, assuming your family has no issues telling you to get off your ass when you’re slacking.

We welcome your innovation, your ideas, and your contributions to our model and services with the understanding that we’re trying to build something unique…and scalable.

We’re a startup, which on the plus side means that you can contribute at a lot of levels and work directly with the leadership. On the downside it means you have to contribute at a lot of levels and work directly with the leadership. It also means a lot of opportunity and a special kind of chaos. We make a real difference to our clients organizations, one that will last a very long time. We think that is incredibly exciting and a huge responsibility.

We tend to view things through a long-term lens, we hope you do too. To that end, we have zero desire to work with people who may be very good at what they do but who are a pain in the ass. We don’t really care how successful you’ve been if the result has been a history of arrogance and personnel clashes. Quirky? Unique? Sarcastic? Goofy? That we can work with.

We love what we do. It’s hard, it’s complex and nuanced work, and we have incredibly high standards that can be tough to meet. We think that that’s the way it should be, but we also believe that means we should make it as much fun as we can where possible.

We believe that you can walk that line between a business that is professional and serious and yet still retain the personalities that the company was founded with.

Sound like you or someone you know?

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