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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. —H.E. Luccock

Sometimes there’s strength in numbers.

We’re big proponents of collaboration at SideraWorks, and the potential you can realize when you put lots of different brains on a problem. We also believe in doing one thing really well — like guiding culture change in increasingly social organizations — and leveraging the people you have around you to deliver an incredible range of value, expertise, and resources to the people that need you.

So we invest in partnerships. We bring the social business and organizational culture expertise you need, adding a whole new dimension to what you can offer your customers and clients. And we learn from you, too, which helps us sharpen our skills continuously and deliver that value right back to you, and to our own clients.

So it’s a bonus all around.


Social Business Advisory Services From SideraWorks

Are you an event organizer of a high quality event? SideraWorks offers partnerships with a limited number of quality events to make our interactive workshops available to their attendees at a highly discounted price. Our workshops are applicable to many industries — from healthcare to education — and a number of specific departments and professional disciplines like HR, Legal, and Social Media.

If you’re a vendor, consultant or service provider, we can also connect our workshops with your user, customer or client-focused events to add valuable social business perspective to your work.

What’s in it for you?

SideraWorks workshops are expertly facilitated by seasoned social business and change management professionals. They’ll add the additional depth that your conference attendees need and want, focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by social business — a topic that’s in high demand today.

When you partner with us to present a workshop, you can take advantage of the venue and logistics you’ve already coordinated (since we conduct these on site at your selected location and compensate you with a portion of the registration fees). It’s a great solution if you have partial-day rentals to put to use and an audience that’s looking for more intensive content to take their event experience beyond regular sessions.

We only collect on paid registrations and there’s no advance or guarantee required. Your event will benefit from our marketing efforts, too, so we can help each other bring in a full house and a highly invested, eager audience.

What’s in it for us?

While we enjoy hosting our own public workshops, we don’t want to be in the event logistics business.

By leveraging your existing event venue and logistics preparations, we can focus on doing what we do best: providing an incredibly valuable workshop that’s full of amazing content and getting the word out to our rich community of professionals and organizations.  That way we can significantly reduce the registration price and offer the workshops to a broader audience than would typically be able to attend.

What’s in it for the attendee?

Most events need to gear their content to the broadest audience possible, providing diverse content tracks and a large number of sessions so that there’s something in it for everyone. That’s a fantastic model, and one that’s worked for events for a long time.

But in every audience, there’s a small percentage of people that are really looking for a deeper, more challenging educational experience that’s hard to provide at scale. With a SideraWorks workshop on site, professionals looking for a world-class workshop experience coupled with a great professional conference can have the best of both worlds at a significantly reduced price and without the additional time and travel costs of a separate event.


Social & Collaboration Software

Does Social Business Require a C-Level Leader - SideraWorksTechnology  can be a critical component of any social business endeavor, and progressive vendors know that culture, change management, and processes are essential to the success and adoption of their platforms.  However, these skill sets are difficult for software organizations to maintain and scale within their professional services groups (if they want to be in the service business at all).

SideraWorks’ specific focus in these areas, strong reputation, and easily packaged offerings allow for a complementary relationship that extends your strategic sales opportunities with little overlap in capabilities.

We can help bridge your customers from purchasing a software solution into a long-term, human-centric adoption program that’s well aligned with culture, business goals, and long-term social business initiatives. The more intrinsic your solution becomes, the deeper and more strategic your customer relationships can be.

A partnership with SideraWorks can help add depth to your capabilities and value to your customers.

Professional Services

Consulting Firms & Agencies

SideraWorks MasterClass - Visual Sketch Notes - SideraWorks

SideraWorks partners with premiere management consulting firms and agencies where our organizational transformation expertise and offerings compliment existing skill sets and address client challenges and opportunities.

You’ve got a particular breadth of expertise that your clients need. And perhaps, while they pursue improvement in those areas, they’re asking lots of questions about social business and its implications for their organization, or how to evolve their culture alongside a changing workforce. But that’s not something you’ve focused on, and you don’t want to invest in building a completely new practice area in your own firm.

We can work with you to expand your expertise immediately, shortening your learning curve, addressing your client challenges immediately, and all without increasing your overhead (or the risk that comes with it). We’ll bring our expertise to bear on behalf of your firm, partnering with you to not only educate your clients about adaptive culture models and practices, but to deepen the expertise and understanding of your own firm’s professionals along the way.

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