The SideraWorks team is made up of hands-on advisers who aren’t afraid of the difficult work behind making the shift to a more adaptive culture, like delicate discussions and the intricate work of change management.

We are seasoned, enthusiastic business professionals  who understand what work really looks like on the ground and in the trenches. We work hard to not just earn your trust as a partner, but to be fun to work with, too.

Our leadership values collaboration and curiosity, and cultivates professionals whose consultative approach and deep understanding of both business and the new era of business make them reliable and integral extensions of your team.

Matt Ridings - SideraWorks CEOMatt Ridings, CEO

Matt is the CEO of SideraWorks, he is a business strategist, keynote speaker, executive facilitator, and writer. His work over the last 10 years has focused primarily in developing innovation cultures, change management and organizational design initiatives, technology adoption, culture assessment, and specialized market research using social channels.

Matt has advised organizations in digital and organizational strategies since 1994 including large established brands such as Levi’s, Cisco, and British Airways as well as helping to launch new ones like JetBlue and RedSpark. Prior to SideraWorks he worked as either owner or Partner in three ventures, including building out a 300+ person consultancy.

Past Established Client Examples: 3M, 3COM, Wells Fargo, Intel, Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, British Airways (AOR), Levi’s (AOR), Novell, Netscape(AOR), Cisco, Knight-Ridder(AOR), Autodesk

Past Startup Client Examples: Buzzsaw, Allbusiness.com, ProMost, JetBlue, WebVan

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