SideraWorks Workshops: Hands-On Learning & Education

SideraWorks Social Business Workshops

Not everyone is ready to dive head-first into collaboration.

Some companies and leaders want to better understand the drivers of change today: social business, organizational culture shift, and the changing nature of the workforce.

So we created SideraWorks Collaboration Workshops- highly interactive sessions that ‘teach you how to fish’ using our own experience, tools and approaches.

We’re proud of our toolbox and knowledge, and we share it freely so you can not just learn about these concepts but apply them in your own organization.

Whether you’re leading learning and development in HR or as an executive, or whether you’re heading up a new initiative in your company that can benefit from collaboration, we can help you.

Our Collaboration Workshops and training sessions range in length from half-day, on-site sessions to two-day offsite retreats.

In addition to our custom sessions for individual companies, you’ll often find publicly available SideraWorks workshops presented in concert with leading industry events, and independent public workshops on becoming a better collaborator. They’re interactive, fun, and you’ll always walk away with an understanding of why collaboration is important as well as how to put it in practice in your own organization.

Have a specific aspect of collaboration you need to improve? That’s okay. We create custom workshops and training programs all the time. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can propose something just for you.

Need more details? Contact us below for information on SideraWorks Collaboration Workshops.