Organizational Culture Discussions: Effectiveness vs Efficiency

Organizational Culture Discussions: Effectiveness vs Efficiency
Effectiveness vs Efficiency Cover

Many people confuse the terms ‘efficiency’ vs. ‘effectiveness’, or they see them as the same thing. They are anything but.

This presentation covers why focusing on a culture of Effectiveness is so much more productive, and why a focus on Efficiency can actually hurt your organization. Whether its agility, adaptability, social connectedness, social business, or becoming a responsive organization that is your objective. This seemingly subtle distinction will prove to be a useful tool in your toolbox.


Matt Ridings – @techguerilla

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Matt is the CEO of SideraWorks and a veteran of business strategy and organizational change. His endeavors have included startups, professional services organizations and Fortune 500 companies, and many roles as a business owner, advisor, and investor. View his full bio here or his other posts here. You can find him on twitter at @techguerilla.