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Are you ready to collaborate well?

The companies that collaborate successfully, regularly and as a part of their DNA do one thing consistently well.

They treat collaboration deliberately, as a core value, and enable it – both functionally and culturally – across the entire organization.

SideraWorks creates collaborative companies. We help develop businesses that are resilient, successful at engaging a changing workforce, eager to share knowledge internally, and who are able to not just survive in the future, but thrive.

The SideraWorks Readiness Assessment

Collaborative companies understand how well they collaborate today, know what they’d like to do better tomorrow, and design roadmaps to bridge the gap.

SideraWorks Readiness Assessments take the guesswork out of defining and articulating what “collaboration” means to your organization, translating “soft” ideas into concrete traits that can then be applied to programming, strategic planning, and communicating with the people in your company.

Your Readiness Assessment might include some or all of these activities:

  • Our comprehensive organizational culture assessment – based on a framework in use at over 12,000 organizations –  for just your department or the whole company;
  • Assessment of your technology adoption success stories and obstacles
  • Insights on role, team, and process design strengths and bottlenecks
  • Pilot project ideas based on your specific business problems & challenges
  • Communication and Education recommendations for teaching and socializing collaboration practices
  • Recommendations for employee, partner, and customer collaboration initiatives

Each step of the way, you have the ear and input of experienced collaboration consultants that have spent years in the trenches with organizations, working through change and culture shift at every level. SideraWorks doesn’t just provide an assessment report, we provide the guidance for developing activities to get you where you want to be.

Want to learn more and turn collaboration from abstract to actionable in your organization?

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