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  • Eating Your Own Dogfood - SideraWorks

    Eating Your Own Dogfood – When Simple Isn’t So Simple

    We’re trying out a lot of new business models this year at SideraWorks. Experiments if you will. From content production, workshop development, to client delivery models, and our intellectual property, we’re examining new approaches.

    We preach this to our clients all the time about pushing boundaries, about creating a culture of experimentation where ‘failure’ is a form of learning and moving an organization forward. About the value of transparency into those efforts, the good and the bad.

    But to be honest, we haven’t eaten a lot of our own dog food lately

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  • Being Human: Translating Buzzwords Into Action - SideraWorks

    Being “Human”: Translating Buzzwords Into Action

    We talk all the time about “being human” in business. But what does that even mean? Let’s dig beneath the terms a bit and make buzzwords something we can act on.

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  • Why We're Quitting Social Business - SideraWorks

    Why We’re Quitting Social Business

    It’s a jungle out there. And sometimes, you have to admit defeat. Well ok, maybe that’s an overstatement. Let me back up a minute. When we started SideraWorks in 2011, the idea of “social business” was all anyone could talk about. Software companies, corporations, organizations, consultants…you name it. “Social business” was the term of the day. When we decided that

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  • The Writer's Trick That Will Help Your Collaboration - SideraWorks

    The Writer’s Trick That Will Help Your Collaboration Process

    If you’ve ever taken on a daunting writing task – whether it’s a blog post or a book – you might know that there’s one secret to actually getting writing done. Write. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Do not get on Facebook. Sit your behind in the chair, get rid of distractions, and crank out the words.

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  • WWII Propaganda Poster

    That’s Not Advocacy, It’s Propaganda

    Advocacy. It’s important. I’ve given at least half a dozen speeches at huge conferences on the power of having your employees and customers become your largest sales army. It’s obviously something I’ve believed strongly in for a long time, and in the world of social it’s the only way to truly scale engagement. But like many things that go across

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