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  • My Fond Farewell to SideraWorks

    When you set out on an entrepreneurial journey, there is one and only one constant: change. Matt and I started SideraWorks three and a half years ago, and the immense amount of change and shift that our work and industry has seen in that timeframe is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s really something to work at the leading edge of

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  • Fear Of Change - SideraWorks

    If You’re Not Afraid, You’re Not Thinking Big Enough

    {This post came about not because of clients, but because of a product vendor interaction in which their client needed our services, but they would only introduce us into their client if I would gloss over all the challenges of adopting their product until after their sales process was complete. So the tone may be a bit stronger than usual}

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  • Eye Clarity

    Clarity Above All – Real Stats In Our Social Business Journey

    What happens when you find the language that aligns you with your clients and resonates with their needs? Here are some real-world stats of our shift.

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  • Creating a Collaborative Culture - SideraWorks

    New Download: Creating a Collaborative Culture

    We’ve done a few workshops and presentations recently on organizational collaboration, which have gone over swimmingly (whew!). As you may remember, a few months ago we decided to let go of the uphill battle of social business and instead focus our efforts on internal collaboration efforts within companies. So far, so good! This is a presentation we gave this last

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  • What To Do If You're Frustrated by Social Adoption - SideraWorks

    What To Do If You’re Frustrated By Social Adoption

    If you’re frustrated by the slow pace of social adoption at your company, take a look at this. It’s a memo (!) issued at NPR to the staff 20 years ago today about “Internet Coming to NPR”.   (You can see the original post on NPR’s Tumblr here.) Note a few interesting things: Education was key. People need to know

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