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  • Matt Ridings at Social Brand Forum

    Culture is living content, it must be experienced to be fully understood

    Give people the respect they deserve, treat them as adults, give as much trust as you expect to get in return, and people may surprise you.

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  • BIF 10 Stage

    BIF Summit: The Difference Between Community and Conference

    It’s conference season, which means I’m essentially on the road continuously for the next two months. I just finished my favorite event of the year, the BIF Summit.  I spent a lot of time this year trying to capture just what it is that makes it so special to me. You pay a registration fee, you watch people speak, you have

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  • Mark Schaefer

    Do You Want To Change The World… Or Want The World To Change?

    I recently spent a few lovely days with my friend Mark Schaefer at his home in eastern Tennessee. While it wasn’t a business trip, we did invariably stray into conversations about our work. One thing that completely took me aback, and frankly worried me, was that my friend..who works in roughly the same industry that I do…and who follows my posts…was

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  • My Fond Farewell to SideraWorks

    When you set out on an entrepreneurial journey, there is one and only one constant: change. Matt and I started SideraWorks three and a half years ago, and the immense amount of change and shift that our work and industry has seen in that timeframe is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s really something to work at the leading edge of

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  • Fear Of Change - SideraWorks

    If You’re Not Afraid, You’re Not Thinking Big Enough

    {This post came about not because of clients, but because of a product vendor interaction in which their client needed our services, but they would only introduce us into their client if I would gloss over all the challenges of adopting their product until after their sales process was complete. So the tone may be a bit stronger than usual}

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