Social Slam MasterClass Giveaway

As part of Social Slam Plus this year SideraWorks is hosting a workshop on “Beyond Social Media: Creating the Social Social Slam MasterClass Giveaway   SideraWorksOrganization”.

It’ll be on Thursday, April 4th in Knoxville TN the day prior to the Social Slam conference. Tickets for the workshop are $299 but we’re giving away two of them to a couple of lucky Social Slam attendees. All we ask is that you either have a ticket to the main Social Slam conference or that you buy one if you’re selected and don’t have one yet, they’re only $99 after all.

If selected you’ll be contacted via email the evening of Friday, March 29th. Simply fill out the form below (don’t worry, you won’t be added to any lists) and that’s it!

P.S. – There’s a rumor going around that our own Amber Naslund will also be showing up at the workshop.  We can neither confirm or deny such gossip…


Workshop Information:

Beyond Social Media: Creating the Social Organization – With Matt Ridings

Time: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 4

This is an extraordinary opportunity to study with one of the true visionaries in the field of social business and social media marketing, Matt Ridings of SideraWorks.

In this “advanced” section, Matt will look at the sociological and organizational implications of creating a successful social media business initiative. In this highly interactive event, Matt will help participants:

  • Explore the deep implications social media has throughout an organization (how it impacts their internal business processes, the workforce/hiring implications, the challenges and opportunities).
  • The internalization of social value (collaboration, knowledge management, culture initiatives, utilization outside of engagement (R&D, Research, etc.)
  • Look at real world examples of how to work through social implementation issues.
  • Using SideraWorks proprietary facilitation methods to demonstrate how you can build more effective social media policies, processes, and governance using real world scenarios to prepare for the inevitable PR crisis.

If your business is beyond the “dabbling” phase and is now looking to leverage social to its fullest, this workshop is for you. This is a “teach you how to fish” type of session that will provide specific tactical approaches you will be able to take back to your office or clients and apply immediately. Go beyond the theories and see how work is getting done in the messy real world of business.