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If your event, company, or organization needs a dynamic and professional speaker on collaboration or social business, give us a call.  Matt and Amber are both seasoned keynote presenters — taking stages from TedX to IBM Connect and dozens of private events — with polished content that will entertain and educate your audience. Topics can range from fundamentals to dig-deep concepts about collaboration and social business transformation. We can present together or separately, depending on the nature of your event and what you’re looking for.  If we don’t have a presentation in our library that suits you, we’re happy to develop something custom for your group.

For more information about our speaking fees, availability and speaking references, please send us a note below.

Sample Topics

Social Business Best Practices: What Progressive Companies Know

Social business means a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s not social media. It’s not marketing. It’s a new way of working that incorporates fundamental principles, beliefs and actions that will forever change the way your company behaves and the way your customers see you. Learn what the most standout companies are doing to integrate social business into how they work.

Collaboration: The Foundation for the Future

You feel the change that technology is creating, the pressure it’s putting on your business. But while social media is the catalyst for much of the shift, it is not the solution in itself. The solution is enabling better collaborationLearn the 7 principles of collaborative organizations and why it’s the critical piece to your organization’s future.

5 Ways to Foster Collaboration

Nearly every company says they want to collaborate better. We know that collaboration is rewarding and effective. But those same companies struggle with where to start. Learn five practical, actionable ways to put collaboration to work in your organization, and find out what makes true collaboration different than just deploying task forces and teams.

Engaging the Future Workforce

Millennials are entering the workforce in great numbers, and they’re hungry. Leadership and management are shifting dramatically, with new generations taking the helm of companies all across the globe. What makes this workforce different than those in the past? They have different expectations, need different motivators, and are attracted to progressive organizations. Learn how to prepare your company for the workforce of the future.

Emotionally Intelligent Communication for the Social Era

Communicating today is not the same as it once was. New media and new technology are creating entirely new standards for interaction, new ways of communicating with individuals as well as the masses, and the culture of social and sharing demands that you understand how to talk to people in a digital age. Learn the principles of new communication and how to speak the language of today’s connected individual.

  • "Amber is equal parts insight and entertainment. She can present her superior, first hand knowledge on blogging, social media marketing, and social media monitoring in a frank and easily consumed format. She knows what she is talking about and delivers her points with humor."

    Jason KeathSocial Fresh
  • "Few in the social media space have the sound foundation rooted in marketing and communications that Amber has which makes her inherently more qualified that most to guide thinking for companies in social media, communications, marketing, fund-raising and more."

    Jason FallsVP Digital Strategy, CafePress
  • "I've had the opportunity to watch Amber Naslund keynote several events, and her talks are inspirational, funny, witty, and insightful. She speaks with passion and excitement on her areas of expertise such as social business and organizational change, energizing the audience and making people laugh and think. I'd definitely recommend her to any event or company that's thinking about bringing her in as a speaker."

    Christopher PennVP, Marketing Technology, Shift Communications